Movie Combo Titles

Dirty Dances with Wolves
A Walk to Remember the Titans
The Godfather of the Bride (I & II)
While you were Sleeping with the Enemy
13 Days of Thunder
The Man without a Face/Off
The Hunt for Red October Sky
The Return to Never Land Before Time
The Thomas Crown Affair to Remember
The Man who Knew Stuart Little
The Cider House Rules of Engagement
The Empire Strikes Back to the Future
The Sixth Sense & Sensibility
Forever Young Guns
Free Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory
Dragon Hearts in Atlantis
Sleeping Beauty & the Beast
The Big Green Mile
There's Something About Mary Poppins
The Unbarable Lightness of Being John Malkovic
Mighty Joe Young Versus the Volcano
3 Days of the Condor Man
Heaven Can Wait Until Dark
Anna & the Three Kings
A Few Good Men in Black
Wag the Dogma
Clear & Present Dangerous Minds
Shakespear in Love of the Game
A Time to Kill a Mockingbird
Dirty Harry & Hendersons
My Best Friend's Big Fat Greek Wedding Singer
Road Trip to Perdition
Ocean's 12 Monkeys
Waiting for Guffman to Exhale